This moment…

This was an every other weekend, weekend. Jack came home around 6:00, he had already had dinner and brought quite the cough home with him. The only thing he wanted to do was lay in Mommy’s bed and watch a movie. So, here we are. Laying side by side, and I realized just how big my son is.


Of course I know he’s grown a lot and he’s big for his age but this was one of those moments. One of those overwhelming, brings you to tears, I love this person so much, where has the time gone moments.

I know I’ll look back on this in five years and think how little he was when he was 10. Just like I do when I look at pictures of him every year before this one. He changes so much from year to year. I can’t keep him in jeans that are long enough, his clothes just seem to shrink, and he’s already wearing a men’s size shoe. I knew he was a “big boy” before tonight but this moment, I want to hold onto. (Don’t tell him I called him a “big boy”, he’s “outgrown” this as well).

I’m not going to do one of those “treasure every single moment” posts because it’s just not realistic! Parenting is hard! Not every second fills your heart with joy. It’s not all warm and fuzzy. Example?

Jack used to take his shoes off every time we went somewhere, anywhere. Every. Single. Time! He wouldn’t even let us get to where we were going. Running errands took twice as long because I had to put his shoes back on, for the hundredth time, before I could get him out of his car seat. This drove me crazy!

Tonight, I’d give anything to pick up a little shoe from the floorboard of my car and slip it onto his foot, and see him grin behind his binkey. I miss just being able to pick him up, really carry him. I wonder what I’ll miss most in 5 years. What little moments am I missing now?

I’m happy I didn’t miss this moment, tonight. Thank you for this moment, a moment I’ll never forget.

If you have a baby or are getting ready to have one, I’m sure one of the most common pieces of parenting advice/input you’ll hear is “it goes so fast” or “don’t blink”. While I usually encourage most parents to let these comments roll off, do what works for them, follow their intuition kind of stuff. Tonight, I’m going to be that person, who says the stuff, you didn’t ask for.

I encourage you to remember, every day, that they’re going to be a little bit bigger tomorrow than they are today, and you won’t notice until a moment like this. Hold onto these moments. It goes fast. Don’t blink.

#untilthen #slowdown #mywholeheart #momentsthatmatter #idontwanttoforget #everymomentcounts #dontforgettocount


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