Leveling the Playing Field…

My Mom is a teacher. While many will hear me say that and understand the true value of her job title, some won’t. For as long as I can remember my mom has opened her heart and her classroom to hundreds of students. Every year, every class…those students are “her kids”. I listen to her talk about her class and she always says “my kids”.

What sets my mom apart? No one would read a blog that long. Truly, I wish I knew every detail of every gesture but my mom isn’t the kind of person who shares when she does something for someone. I love that about her. She gives freely, always…for the right reasons.

My favorite example? Thanksgiving. Many of my Mom’s students come from low income households. For one reason or another they may not have ever experienced a traditional Thanksgiving feast. This isn’t acceptable for my mom. Every year, every single year, my mom prepares a Thanksgiving feast for her class. A homemade turkey, sides, homemade butter (they make this in class), a nice tablecloth and they all sit together, a real family style meal. This isn’t just being a teacher, this is showing up for kids who need someone to show up for them. This is caring for them beyond test scores.

From my Mom’s page: “I teach. I am a teacher. This title is all encompassing. If you give them an opportunity to shine, they will. I have witnessed that.”

Yes, you do your job, you teach. I see you being that someone who isn’t going to give up on them, on “your kids”.

My Mom believes in her kids, she sees their potential, what they can become and she helps them see it for themselves. I think that’s the best gift any teacher could give a student.

I’ve always worked in the field of social service so I know what a game changer a good teacher can be. Sometimes it really only does take one person who is rooting for you to make all the difference in the world. My Mom is this person. My sister is also a teacher, she is this person for “her kids”. While I see them going above and beyond for their students, they see themselves just doing their jobs. Your job is to teach, you care. You see a “difficult student” and you invest in them. You change their course, you change their life.

Maybe that’s why I’ve chosen my career path, in social service. They do everything they can inside the classroom and I want to fill the gaps outside of it. My heart for serving, comes from my Mom, my first teacher.

I don’t tell my mom or my sister enough how proud I am of them. Mom, I am so proud of you! Mel, I am so proud of you!

The reality of it is maybe we can’t change the course for every single student but we sure can try. I see them trying. If we succeed with one, we have succeeded. To all of the good teachers out there, thank you! From the bottom of my heart. Your success cannot be measured by test scores alone. We will never know your worth so I’ll just say it’s infinite and I’d also say that’s pretty accurate.

Currently, my mom’s class has more students than Chromebooks. The research is evident, technology is a necessary component to success in school, and students’ future success. My mom is working to raise money for her class. She wants her kids to have access to every resource, every tool despite the low income status of her school. My mom is only $809 away to raising enough money to equip her classroom with chrome books for her kids.

Please help my mom level the playing field for her students. I also believe, more times than not, when people are given the opportunity to shine, they will. For my mom and her classroom, these Chromebooks are an opportunity.

Please click here to support my mom and “her kids”.

UPDATE: This project was FULLY funded! Thank you!


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