To Today’s Headline…

“Watch: Man ‘Tied Up & Tortured’ on Facebook Live in Chicago”

This is not the opening scene to an episode of Law & Order. This is a real person, his pain is real, the violence is real, the hatred is real! He is a victim of a vicious, hate crime and we’re watching it? What is wrong with us? Why are we watching? Are we bored? Are we curious? Are we that numb to violence and hate that we can stomach to watch even a snippet of this incident? Watch? Why is this even an option? Why are “we” watching this? Why is this video being circulated like news, like a trending topic? How is it possible that this hasn’t been disabled or removed? I am disgusted and have way more questions on this topic than I do answers or “content” but I have to say something.

I have not watched this video, not a single second. I can’t, I am physically not capable of watching the kind violence or hatred being described. Torture was enough for me to steer clear of the “play” button. Even if I could stomach to watch it, I am not even remotely tempted to click that link, I have no desire to watch another human being be tortured. I don’t care if the victim’s face is blurred, I don’t care if it was “only the beginning” or just a few seconds or maybe you couldn’t really see anything during this clip, I refuse to watch.

Today, his reality probably still seems like a nightmare he cannot wake up from, it is “news” for the rest of us and available for our viewing. He is somewhere with his family, please think of him with his family, think of what today must be like for them. He is being interviewed by police, he is battered and bruised, he still aches from what happened, in every form a human could ache. This isn’t over for him. This is still happening to him and we’re watching it. Please stop watching it!

For every view, we become a little more numb to hatred and violence. Every view lets out a little more intolerance. We don’t have space for anymore! Every view seems to push people further to “one side” or the “other”. This horrible crime is becoming a political platform and it has to STOP! This is not about “us” or “them”. Regardless of what was mentioned in this video, why are we giving these evil human beings the power to start a political conversation of any kind. Are we serious? This is not political. This is hate.

Don’t watch this video, please. Don’t give these individuals the pleasure of “views”, comments or going viral. Of course that’s what they want, that’s why they “went live”. Why are we giving them exactly what they want? Why are we are giving them what they want at the cost of further victimizing the victim. Again, what is wrong with us?

Let’s be bigger than hate today. I ask you to not pick sides today. There is only one side and that side is to stand with the victim of this crime. Please, can we say to him your privacy is more important than our curiosity?

Let’s not give this video “views”. Enough people have already pushed play to watch this evil. Enough. We have let enough noise in, please…silence the noise of this video. I know we cannot keep all things evil out of this world but we can choose whether or not we’re going to feed it or drown it out with love.

To today’s headline: If you wanted me to hate today, I won’t. If you wanted me to watch today, I won’t. If you wanted my attention, you got it. You sure did. This headline is a message loud and clear that we “the people” have some work to do. Love.



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