On the Day of 45…

We the people do not have to understand, like or approve of 45, this isn’t an expectation or a requirement. Regardless of where you stand today, please stand with grace, peace and dignity. We have a right to peaceful protest, we exercised our right to vote and this is where we are…put down your swords. Again, we do not have to like this. You have a right to your beliefs, we have freedom of speech to express our beliefs but please taste your words. Are you spreading hope or hate today? Are your words creating a solution, is there any real idea for change or are you simply expressing outrage and hatred for 45. This is a problem, not a solution.

I have watched numerous live streams this morning, both of inauguration coverage and coverage of protests. I have seen “protests” become destructive, I anticipate that this will only get worse as the day progresses, but I hope I am wrong. I do not understand what Starbucks has to do with your anger or hatred for 45. Why did you destroy their storefront and so many others? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Your message is being lost in the chaos you are creating through your “protest”, people forget why are you “protesting” and they only judge you by your actions, not your beliefs. What exactly should a Starbucks storefront being smashed in tell me, tell the nation about your political beliefs? You hate coffee?

Listen closely, I am proud you want to use your voice. I am proud you want to take a stand for what you believe in but is this the way? Picture peaceful protests, an overwhelming amount of like minded individuals coming together, standing shoulder to shoulder and walking side by side, for or against an issue. This will always be louder, more powerful and more effective than any hate speech, chaos or destruction. We do not have to like 45 but as of today he is the 45th President of the United States of America. Do I have my fears? Yes! Am I thrilled? No! However, as an American who has an incredible amount of respect for my country, I have to respect the position. Put down your swords.

I pray that we can respect our differences today and in the days to come, let us be kind and peaceful towards one another. The alternative, hate and destruction, only fuel a fire. When we all burn, no one wins. There is so much room, there are so many ways for us to speak out, stand up and have a voice without using hate speech, committing crimes and causing destruction. I ask you to find a better way. You care. You are concerned. You want to have a voice, please use it! I applaud your passion and I want your voices to be heard but do not create more hate, do not create more anger, more intolerance.

Today is a historic day, we do NOT have to like 45 but we should respect the position and think about what this day will look like in history books in years to come. What will teachers say to their students about these protests? How do you want to be a part of that narrative? You have a voice, I’m sure there is so much power in what you have to say, please let us hear you. Don’t let your voice become noise. I only hear noise today. Don’t let your movement resemble a riot over a protest. What will people remember?heart

Andrew Burton/Getty Images


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