Be still…

Be still, this takes more strength and courage than any fight we could ever fight. I say this to myself daily, usually several times a day. I say this and I think of grace. The grace in letting go, grace in accepting our circumstances, even when we don’t like them. I’ve spent a lot of my life fighting. 

Fighting to keep people in my life, people who didn’t belong, or fighting circumstances because they weren’t “fair”, fighting battles that weren’t mine to fight. I’m tired of fighting. Those who are meant for you will show up. Those who aren’t, won’t. Don’t fight fights that aren’t yours. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving in or giving up, it means giving yourself some peace. We all deserve peace. 

My greatest wish for myself and for you, the beautiful ability to “be still”. Work hard, choose your battles, be kind and be still. Xo – SMP

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