The five-minute rule…

The power of waiting a mere five minutes, there is and can be a lot of power in those 300 seconds before we make a decision. Try it, give yourself five minutes before doing anything. This anything could be job related or personal, something drastic or a little more trivial, but before acting, reacting, before saying something you may regret, or doing something you cannot take back, wait five minutes. These 300 seconds could change everything, change your entire life.

I’ll use myself as an example. I am no good at waiting the five, while I am trying very hard to get better at this and have made strides, I am very fight or flight. I have a hard time standing for things that I feel are unfair or unjust, it’s the Libra in me, and I tend to react quickly. I am incredibly protective and my Momma Bear doesn’t tend to check the clock. I am trying so hard to learn, to train myself for those 300 seconds, those five measly minutes. Five minutes! Okay, I did it. Nothing has changed? Now what? I’ll try to wait five more.

This is my plea to you. Five minutes, just 300 seconds and then maybe 300 more. Some decisions we make impact the rest of our lives, impact the lives of those we love and some end lives. While I’m not sure the latter is a “decision”, I’m at a loss as to what to call it, other than tragic. Please wait five minutes. And then wait five more. 

TIme 2

How many instances in your own life or the life of someone you know, would waiting five extra minutes made all the difference in the world? Not every action is worthy of a reaction. Not every circumstance should yield an outcome, especially an outcome that cannot be undone, or taken back. We all know words cannot be taken back. 

Please understand the power of your words. Your words are seeds. What do you want to grow? Something beautiful that flourishes all on its own or something that requires constant attention because it wasn’t planted properly? Please be ever so careful with your words, even after something has blossomed into something exquisite, words can take the light away and this beautiful thing will forget how to thrive. 

Wait five minutes before you release toxic words into this world. This pollutant is just as dangerous and toxic as any other.

This can also happen in reverse, something that is struggling to survive can be nourished and lifted by kind words, seeds of hope. Choose your words wisely. Take the time to pick them out and truly hear them before you speak them. I promise, I will try to do the same. We’ll call it the five-minute challenge. Starting now, together. 


Okay, so what do we do with this extra time? Breathe. Count slowly to 300? Try to calm ourselves. “Be still”. Ask ourselves questions. Will this matter in five years and to who? What is my goal? What will my actions do to get me to my goal? Why is this even my goal? Try to get to the root of the root. 

Five minutes. What do you really have to lose? In a world that is often unkind and harsh, be the seed that grows something beautiful. Lift others up with your words. Plant seeds of hope, not despair. 

Lastly, if you see something special in someone, if they feed you with love & light, if they help you thrive…tell them. That’s how we all become beautiful.

I promise that even if you say “I love you” every single day, a hundred times a day, at some point, it won’t seem like enough. It is, it will have to be, but it won’t feel like it. Say it often. This is an instance where you don’t wait the five minutes. Please 86 the five-minute rule when it comes to saying “I love you”. Never wait to say that. 

To my tribe, thank you for asking me the right questions. Thank you for being my trainers as I learn to wait my five minutes. It is always worth the wait. You make me better. You know who you are. 

Oh, and I love you. Xo – S

I don’t believe five minutes can “save” everyone. My hope is that maybe they could help save one. Some seeds are special. They are planted with love, spoken to softly, cared for in every possible way but they are simply too delicate for this world. If we all speak softer, plant seeds of hope, if we all wait our five…maybe this world wouldn’t be such a risk for those delicate seeds. I see beauty beyond their blooms, deeply rooted, forever leaving their mark. 

Please. Five minutes. Then try for five more. 


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