The darker side…

A friend of mine was looking for a little help coming up with some dialogue lines (he does voice-overs). His context was a little darker than my usual writing style but it was such an awesome writing exercise. I ended up with several pieces I’m kind of in love with. I’ve been dealing with a little writer’s block and this project just seemed to open the gates. Meet my dark side.
He gave me context and I ran with it, straight into the darkness! I’m thankful I was pushed outside of my comfort zone, it is only there that I will continue to learn and grow. I’ll share a few more here and there.

Maybe one more for this entry. I’m more than just kind of in love with them. I’m in love with all of my work, I love the idea of penning something and knowing it will always be there. It’s a legacy, I think, to write. To be gifted with the ability to express yourself is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted. It’s not about being good, it’s about being authentic! 


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