An empowered “single” momma to the most amazing kid ever (J), the heart of a humanitarian, a poet soul, an incurable love of laughter (to gift and receive), funny person, survivor of deep grief. I’m making room for love, on my path towards peace & contentment, hoping to make a difference along my way.

My Story: I lost the “Ross to my Rachel” on February 28th, 2015. Luke was diagnosed with a rare, very aggressive form of cancer on May 7th, 2014. I was 30 when he died, he was 34 and I wasn’t with him when he died, I hate saying that.

Life happens in 1,000 different ways, in 1,000 different spaces and no one is exempt from “life”. Guess what? Sometimes life is hard. Life is not fair. Things happen that aren’t supposed to happen. Whether it be a divorce, a job loss, a death, an illness, a stressful/overwhelming time in our life, we need people, people who will always offer us their presence. Presence is a gift, a gift that is genuine, a gift that says you’re not alone.

Moving on is difficult, but necessary. I have fought it kicking and screaming. I didn’t know how to let go and to be honest I didn’t want to. Holding onto my grief was holding onto Luke. If I stopped feeling constant pain, I stopped loving him, I would lose him again or more somehow, my pain kept him present. I thought letting go meant forgetting, I thought it meant moving on but I’ve learned there is a difference between moving on and moving forward. There is grace in letting go. I like to think I’m finally moving forward.

As always, peace by piece.

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