Missing In Action

It’s been awhile since my last official blog entry. I’ve been spending more and more time working on my poetry, which I love, but I’m horrible to share on all platforms. I’ve been sharing more via my socials which I’m sure is a blogger “no no” so I wanted to share a few of my… Continue reading Missing In Action


Right There in Black & White

I love to write. Writing centers me, it calms me and it helps me process my own feelings when everything feels like a jumbled mess inside my head and heart. I started this blog not having a plan. I felt I had a story to tell and I wanted to share it but I didn’t… Continue reading Right There in Black & White


When a heartbeat was just a heartbeat…

I used to rest my head on a chest, next to heart that no longer beats.


Loan You My Heart…

If it makes you cry when you write it, it’s good. This one made me bleed. Xo – Steph 


When she watched him…

Let someone love you, for who you are, when you think no one is looking. Xo – S


Poem Stars…

Not in a hundred lifetimes of writers. 💕#poems #loveletters #lovesongs #writing #words #lovefully #lovequotes #lovebig #hismomstrong #poemstar #peacebypiece #myheart #bloggerbabe


The darker side…

A friend of mine was looking for a little help coming up with some dialogue lines (he does voice-overs). His context was a little darker than my usual writing style but it was such an awesome writing exercise. I ended up with several pieces I’m kind of in love with. I’ve been dealing with a… Continue reading The darker side…